motorbike manufacture

I was always fascinated by motorcycles. As a little boy on the backseat of dad's Harley chopper, then assisting him fixing bikes in our garage, and finally owning my own set of wheels and a license to move them!

Changing the looks, getting the maximum horsepower out of an engine, understanding technology — working mechanically was always integral to being infected with the virus of motorcycles! And somewhere down the road of being obsessed we felt the Italian heartbeat - shortly with Ducatis and then - unstoppable - Moto Guzzi.

In 2010 we opened our own garage that has developed into a motorcycle manufacture by now. Radical Guzzi builds custom bikes - so far always based on Moto Guzzi models. We also develop parts and produce them serially in small numbers, so that our customers can also optimize their motorcycles.
We are in the lucky position to have turned our passion into our profession and we have not regretted one minute of that adventure so far. Not even when „bread-and-butter“ jobs fill the garage. That is what we also do: Servicing and repairing bikes of all brands.

There are always customs in the works - either our own projects or bikes we build for customers. Preferably based on Moto Guzzis. The Italian two-cylinders with their heavy heartbeat simply are the stuff our custom dreams are made of. Potentially since the engine concept is truly unique. Two cylinder Guzzis have their very own character - clearly present even in the most recent bikes.

Slimmer, lighter, more powerful and with a very distinctive appearance - our first generation of customs conquered the streets under the label of „Flacheisen“, which could be roughly translated into „flat iron“. But with every bike we built expectations grew larger and new ideas were born.

Looking for performance beyond the limits of the classic two-valve engine was more or less a logical consequence. The solution for that came from Moto Guzzi: The modern four-valve engine that we adapted into the classic Tonti frame for our most recent custom generation - so far exclusively worldwide. It is the perfect power plant for a variety of builds that vary in character from a sportive bike in the heritage of the LeMans, to long-distance cruiser or a very powerful cafe racer.

Individual motorbikes need individual technical solutions. A lot of parts needed for our builds simply do not exist and some of the existing parts do not function the way we would like them to. So we develop many parts ourselves. After some years of doing so the list of Radical Guzzi custom parts comprises a lot of articles that improve many Guzzi models.

Customizing Moto Guzzis can be described as the cross country road of our passion. It is always a thrill to find out what is expecting us behind the next bend ….

Since 2015 Radical Guzzi is the official service partner of Moto Guzzi. Our range of activities has grown to taking care of guaranty matters, maintenance according to Guzzi standards and providing original Guzzi parts.


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