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engine 1064 ccm 2 valve
valve train push rods
bore / idle stroke 92 or 95 x 80 or 81,2
capacity 1064 or 1151
compression 11
power 95 to 110 PS
torque 108 to 120 nm
fuel management carburetor Dellorto PHM 40
clutch 2 discs 10 spring hydraulic
gearbox 5 gear
gear shaft drive
frame Tonti
front suspension Marzocchi or factory standard air supported and progressive springs
rear suspension Icon, Wilbers or Öhlins
front brakes Brembo/Behringer
rear brakes Brembo/Behringer
wheels front / rear 2,5x18 and 3,0x18 Hochschulter
tires front / rear 100/90/18 130/80/18
lenght / width / height 2200x760x1000
height of seat 780
weight empty 175
tank capacity 23
Radical Guzzi custom parts V-oilpan, hydraulic clutch, exhaust system, Aluminum tank, Seat, fork clamps, footrests, lamp holders, brake support, adapter front brake, adapters for the brake discs, speedometer, ignition

Cafe Racer DeLuxe - Eicma Bike

Cafe Racers are the stuff that light up a lot of motorcycle dreams. Classic lines, with visual traces of being handmade, basic materials and a personal signature. Lean motorcycles without cozy extras, less perfect and road-rougher than assembly line builts.

Cafe racer are - ever since and still - streetmachines, we expereince rather than just using them.

Guzzi based café racer look back on a long tradition - even in our garage they have gone through various stages of evolution. In 2014 our style was ennobled by the first cooperation with the Moto Guzzi company. We were asked to build a cafe racer for the official Guzzi booth at the EICMA 2014 in Milano. The bike was also to be exposed at the Open House 2014 in Mandello in the Guzzi factory. Quite a challenge!.

In a relatively short period of time we built our most complex cafe racer project so far. Cleaning the classic Tonti frame and developing a simple, yet classy look were the neccessary first steps.

But this bike was not only about looks, but also about technical perfection down to the last detail. We wanted to meet factory standards or be even better. So one thing we developed and built exclusively was a hydraulic clutch. Radical Guzzi parts like our CNC milled foot rest, lamp holders, brake support, adapters for the front and rear brake, adapters for the wire spoke wheels, speedometer housing and many other parts completed the bike and provide it with a homogeneous look.

The exhaust system we produce in a small, limited edition, the aluminum tank and the custom leather covered seat underline the reduced cafe racer style. But behind the classic fassade works modern technique. All electrical functions are controlled by a very lean and reduced homemade cable harness and controlled through state of the art handlebar controls (i. e. Moto Gadget).

A free prgrammable, digital ignition is integrated in the speedometer housing, turning it into a multifunctional instrument. The powerful 2-valve engine is lubricated and cooled more effectively by unsing our V-oilpan. The engine comes either with 1064 or 1151 ccm, providing between 95- 110 PS. Every gearbox that finds it place in a bike has been completely overhauled and made more durable by pins. We also convert it to disc springs. Erasing some of the well known weaknesses of old Guzzis takes nothing out of the fun to ride them.

Normally we configure a cafe racer in close cooperation with our customers. They can select from a wide range of parts like

- Radical Guzzi instrument panel with integrated speedo and digital ignition
- hydraulic clutch
- V-oilpan
- CNC milled parts like fork bridges, footrests, lampholders, brake support, brake adapters for using
modern disc brakes, speedometer housing etc.
- limited edition stainless exhaust
- various aluminum tanks in combination with classic leather covered seats
- minimalized electric harness with digital controls nd handlebar sensors

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